Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Watercolor Splats

Hi, all my crafty friends and family!!!

How is everyone doing this fine Wednesday morning?

I hope everyone has been staying dry and cool this past week.  It has been raining off and on here for the past week with temps in the high 80s.  Thus, making it so very humid.  But what better excuse to stay inside and get craftin'?  :)

Today I want to show you couple cards I did using an  ombre technique I learned a couple years ago while on the Design Team for CropChocolate and combining it with the watercolor splats I learned from "Make It Monday #161" by PaperTrey Ink & Nicole Heady a couple months ago.  I first practiced with some leftover ombre scraps from another project from CropChocolate . . . then I played around with different types of paper to see what would work best.  I found that PaperTemptressHeavenly White 120# worked the BEST.  Not only did it not warp when I splatted water on it, but my ink went on much smoother and blended so much easier without streaking. Here's how they turned out:

.  8-27-14 newWatercolor2-ombre both cards
Supplies for BOTH cards:
True black ink
Rainstones from PaperTrey Ink
Wet Paint Die from PaperTrey Ink
Wet Paint Stamp Set from PaperTrey Ink

Card #1
Inks - Poppy Red, Berry Sorbet, Summer Sunrise and Orange Zest
 Card #2
Inks - Hawaiian Shores, Tropical Teal, Simply Chartreuse, and Limeade (blue to green card)

Using an ink daubber, I applied my ink using long swipes, swiping from top to bottom without stopping . . . making it darker in the middle and lighter on each side so when I applied my next color the "lighter" areas of each color would blend and making another color . . . thus, helping with the "ombre" effect. After I achieved the look I wanted, I took a  paint brush and splatted water . . . you can make your drops as big or as small as you want.  I did a little of both.

Once dried, I attached to white card base . . . my red to orange card is 4.25"x5.5'" and my blue to green is 3.75"x5".  I then trimmed my ombre paper to the size I wanted . . . I started out with 4.25"x5.5" pieces when I was inking.  I ended up with 1/4" wide strips after triming down to the size I wanted,  which I flipped and attached to front of card . . . see how the bottom goes red to orange and strip is orange to red OR blue to green and strip is green to blue.  Make sense?  I hope so. :)  Applied my "Thanks" die which was cut from the Heavenly White 120# paper, stamped "For Everything" and a few Rainstones . . . then, VOILA! I was done!

Hope I inspired you to try something new or to add something new to something you already know how to do like I did with the "ombre" and watersplats.

Till the next time I'm up in the night.


Judith Taylor - Wright

Fabulous cards hun what a great technique hugs Judith x

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