Monday, October 22, 2012

Secret Surprise Mini Album

For October, our Design Team then was "Favorite Candy".  One of my favorite candies are the boxes of chocolates with fillings . . . you know, the ones you don’t know what it is until you take a bite out of one or poke your finger in the bottom.  Not only do I love the chocolate, but I love the “surprise” in the middle.  So for my project this month, I decided to do a “Secret Surprise Mini Album”  . . . it’s called a “Secret Surprise” because it’s “filling” (it’s pages) are made of a “secret” ingredient . . . toilet paper rolls!! J And because each page has a “surprise” in the middle of it . . . an extra tag for more pictures or journaling.  (You will see in my final pictures of my project that there are no pictures in this album . . . that is because I’m going to using this for the Mini Album Swap.)

On the 1st "Secret" Surprise mini album I did, I used eyelets and binder rings to hold it together.  While it worked, I wanted something different.  Thne one day I was in my LSS and saw a mini album that looked like a hardback book. I talked to one of my friends who works there and mentioned to her what I was doing and how I wanted it to look.  Before I knew it she had copied some instructions on how to do that hardback cover.  So I give credit for the cover to my LSS.

So today on The Crop, my "Secret Surprise Mini Album" is up  Here's a sneak peek . . .

To find out more on how to make this album and / or to see it in more detail, go to The Crop on  And while you are there, stop by the past deal page to see what's has been up and you can still get. :)

Till the next time I'm up in the night.  Kathy 


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