Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winner of advice challenge

During CropChocolate's Design Team's first blog hop "Banners", I had a layout I felt it still needed something.  So I decided to have a little contest by coming to you, my followers, and asking for advice . . . and whosever advice I took, would get a little special something.  If there were 2 or more with the same advice, I would draw names.

Well, I LOVED all the advice and played around with all of it.  There ended up being more than one thing I did . . . in fact, I ended up doing 6 things.  So before I tell you who won, I thought I would show you what I did and why I did it.  

Here's what it looked like after I made changes:

First, you will see that I added a tiny banner to the upper left corrner.  A lot of you commented that it needed something and one of you said maybe a tiny banner with the year.  I also put a little star above the banner because it felt lopsided without it . . . if you look, the twine at the bottom went clear to the bottom right corner, so something needed to go to the right corner.

Second, I added some bling to the upper left edge of the circle under the picture to help balance the yellow with the right side . . . a few mentioned doing something to the right side of the circle and one person suggested bling.

Third, some mentioned that my photo blended into the background and I agreed . . . so I added a white photo mat.]

Fourth, I added bling under the banners . . . I agreed when someone said they needed a little more.  I tried just yellow bling, but it was too much yellow.  So I tried orange bling, but it grabbed all of your attention.  So I decided to alternate the bling . . .yellow and orange.

Fifth, I changed the yellow brad to a white w/ pattern brad.  It was mentioned that the yellow brad seemed to blend in and to use a pink brad . . . but again, a pink brad pulled all of your attention,  so I decided to use another white w/ pattern brad, though different from the other two (2), to help it flow better.

The Sixth and last thing I did was use Picket Fence to the edges of the layout,  It helps finish the layout by giving it a "finished" look and tying everything together.

So what do you think?  If you think it is too much, please let me know . . . or if I hit the right balance, please let me know that too.  I love getting some lovin', even when it is gentle criticism. :)

Okay, onto the winners . . . since I took more than one piece of advice, I decided to draw (2) names.  And they are . . .

{{drum roll, please}}
Ambra Bowles

Please email me at  or PM me on CropChocolate with your real name and mailing address.  Once I get both of your addys, I'll get your "surprise" in the mail.  Thanks!!!

Till the next time I'm up in the night.  Kat



LOVE IT! You can just feel the love oozing from this LO! :) Nice job, Kathy!


It looks absolutely amazing now Kathy! Look what we can do when we all work together! ;) Thank you for picking my name! I will send you a PM on CC!

Caryn S

That is fantastic! Love all the changes. Congrats to the ladies.

Julie Odil

Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

Ms. Daiquiri

I thought it looked great just as it was, but I can see the difference all these ideas/changes made to it. It's a wonderful LO.


Fantastic LO. I love the changes. Great suggestions. Congrats to the winners.


Fantastic LO. I love the changes. Great suggestions. Congrats to the winners.


It turned out very well! I too didn't think it needed anything, but after reading people's comments, I thought adding something to the upper left corner was good advice. Great LO!

Joyce S

I just had a chance to catch up on the CC posts, so had to come over to see the completed project. I love "all" 6 changes that you made. It was great before, but now there's nothung else to do - it's perfect!!

Victoria S.

I.LOVE.IT! fanstastic job! it is finished and great!

Victoria S.

Thanks for my blog hop prize. got it today and I love everything in it.
thank you soooo much!

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