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"Banners" away . . .

Welcome to CropChocolate's "Banner" blog hop hosted by the current Design Team.  You should have arrived here from Christina's blog. If you stumbled across this blog hop, please feel free to go back to the beginning to Amber's blog to join us.  The blog hop will run till 8am MST July 30.  The CropChocolate prize to be announced July 31.  To be eligible to the main blog hop prize, please visit each blog and leave a comment . . . it isn't required to comment on each and every blog (except for the last blog and on The Crop), but some of the blog owners will also be giving away their own blog candy.  So please make sure to follow instructions carefully on each blog.  Once you get to the end, you will be directed by to The Crop where you ARE required to leave a comment in order to be eligible for the main prize.   I will also be giving away some blog candy . . . not one (1), but two (2).  One of which will be my own little "contest" which I'll tell you about in a little while.  So make sure to follow the instructions that will be at the end of this post to eligible.

When we decided to do "banners" as our theme for the blog hog, I had so many ideas going through my head.  Banners can be used for anything from home decor to cards to scrapbook layouts . . . the possibilities are endless.

So I decided to do not just one (1) project, but three (3) projects showing different ways I use banners . . . while it took me awhile to get on the "banner" wagon, I seem to use them in almost every project I do now.  But since I had never used more more than one type of banner in a project, so I decided  I would used two or two types of banners in each.  One thing before I begin, for each project I used Walnut Stain distress ink and Snake Tape from CropChocolate.  And all supplies are from CropChocolate unless otherwise noted.

Anyway, the first project I did was a card . . . I had been sitting out on my deck enjoying the first cooler weather in weeks when I looked out past my clothesline with our pond & sky in the background.  So I decided to use that as my inspiration:.  I used banners for the clothesline and for the pond.  I even tied my twine in bows at the end since that's how my clothesline is hooked up.  Here's what I came up with:
"Quite Contrary" 6x6 paper pad by MME
"Sprouts" by Jillibean (twine)
Tan cardstock by Echo Park
White cardstock by Echo Park
American Crafts pen
NonCC:  misc. ribbon from stash

My next project is also showing how to use two types of banners.  I used tickets for one banner and then used two (2) much bigger banners for a photo mat/background.  Here's what I came up with:

"Note to Self" paper collection by Echo Park
Funday twine by MME
NonCC:  mini clothespins and pop-up glue dots 

My next project not only shows how to use banners as a title, but to also use it in two different spots on the page.  Here's what I came up with:
"Hello Summer" paper collection by Echo Park
White  Echo Park cardstock
Picket Fence distress stain (part of background)
Funday twine by MME
"Beach Babe" cardstock & chipboard stickers by Fancy Pants
NonCC: White Thickers and Pop-up Glue Dots

I got inspiration for this from a layout I had seen online a few weeks ago.  But I feel something is still needed, but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out . . .  I tried to find it online again to not only see what the other person did, but also so I could give some sort of credit.  But I couldn't find it.  So I thought I come to you to advice. I thought I'd make it a little "contest".  So in the comments, please tell me what you think I need to do and, if your advice is what I do (including leaving it "as is"), you will be the winner of some blog candy.  If there are 2 or more people with the same advice that I use, I will draw names between those people.  

Now for other blog candy I was talking about earlier.  To be eligible, please become a follower (if you aren't already) and leave a comment that you've done so or anything you would like to say . . . but please keep it clean.

Thanks so much for joining us.  So now that you are done here, you can hop on over to Brenna's blog.  Following is a list of the blogs participating in this blog hop if you want to just jump around or get lost.

Hope you have a "banner" a time.  Kathy


by belle

Kathy!! Three great projects! I think you should leave your last LO the way it is!! Love the ticket banner, great idea!! I am not sure why I wasn't already a follower but I am now for sure!!


Kathy! I love all these projects I am definitely pinning away today..
My only advice would be maybe a little black splatter on the white.I don't know hoe you's do that...maybe bling scattered around instead of black.Looks great though..pinning!!


Did you know that you're a super overachiever, Kathy? ;) All 3 projects totally rock! Great idea for having the banner piece be a frame - love that idea! Okay, I need to think about your 2nd "contest" , so I'll come back to comment about that, but at this point, I think it looks smashing!

Scrappy Canuck

Beautiful work Kathy! I really love those layout!


Great job! I'm not sure I'd do anything to the LO, but I tend to be a ribbon forgetter, and sometimes adding a little ribbon like a flag from the side of a picture will add more focus on the pic... I do love it the way it is! The ticket banner on LO 2 is fantastic!


Gorgeous!!! I love the second LO, and I think I know why it's bugging you (at least why it would bug me - the upper left corner). If it were me, I would be trying to add something there because I don't like empty spaces that big. Do you have more of those stars you used in the title? Maybe have a spattering of them in that corner (even in different colors or sizes).

Julie Odil

Great projects! I love how you used tickets for a banner. How clever is that? OK, for what to do with the last layout. I'm into spattering ink right now. The upper left corner seems a little empty. I think a couple little droplets of a matching ink color would solve your problem. Some Glimmer Mist or similar product -- but I don't usually spray them, I flick them instead -- more control that way.

Moon Scraps!

Beautiful job!


Beautiful projects,Kathy!! Love them..

Amber R. :)

great job on each of these!! you do such good work. :)


Love them really! I am a new follower and I think you should leave it just as i is. I have to tell myself alot that sometimes less is more. The way it is now to me is perfect.


these are beautiful projects, I really like the different ways that you have used the banners. I would leave the last one alone, I like it just "as is".


Well, I'm loving all three projects. My advice to you on the third one would be to add a little something yellow to the left side of the photo near the red tab- there is so much yellow to the right it pulls your eye away from your daughter(?). I'm a new follower!

Caryn S

Great use of banners in all your projects. Maybe for the last project, something small in the upper left hand corner to balance the string in the the opposite corner? I wouldn't put something big like a journaling block there because you don't want to overfill your page. just something like a little button or brad or even another twine squiggle...


Gorgeous work Kathy! I feel like such a slacker with my one little card!

As for the last LO, it looks fantastic as it is. But if I were to do anything to it, I would take the white picket distress ink that you used in the center and ink the edges of the LO. And I would add it a little heaver than usual to make it more noticeable and so that it played off the center white patch.

Paula-Scrap Addict

I love how you used tickets as banners... that's a fantastic idea!

Ambra Bowles

I love your layouts!! They are so well made and fun to look at! Great inspiration and now I am definitely feeling scrappy!! Thanks for that!
For your last layout, it's really great and I wouldn't really change anything. I like that upper left spot being open but I personally would put a banner coming out from the left side with the date or year on it!! Nothing too big just a cute little banner ribbon...
Great stuff!!


I love the ticket banner ~ totally going to use that idea.

I think #3 is fine. Everything is perfect and the empty space gives your eyes a place to rest.


I love your banner projects, especially Summer layout. Makes me want to do a banner project !


I adore the Note to Self layout and I am lifting the summerfun one for sure. Great work.


I really like the banners on your layouts. Nice job.


First of all, these were all awesome projects, I love them all! Second I am following your blog, and lastly while I think your layout is perfect as is, I never think anything I do is just right and struggle with this problem constantly! That being said, I have four ideas for you to try all mutually exclusive ( ie choose one!)
1. Leave as is :)
2. Put a mat behind the photo - again another issue I struggle with mat or no mat? So many layouts these days are matless.
3. Take the cali dreamin embellie and move it to overlap on top of the photo instead of under.
4. Last try would be to leave everything the same and add one more embellie to the top right of the photo.

Hope this helps but I love your work Kathy!


Your projects are very pretty I am now a follower of your blog I love your work :) The layout I think it is great the way it is but if you wanted to add something maybe some beach embellishments like little seashells I had a friend bring me some small shells back from the beach and I was thinking I could string them on beach layouts like banners.


Super cute layouts love the summer fun one lots of awesome colors. Congrats on making the design team can't wait to see all your awesome work!


Kathy, awesome banners! You have the banner thing down! I am so going to scraplift from you! I am already a follower. I think the last LO should be left "as is", as Amber noted on her project.


Love the layout with the tickets for the banner - I was just thinking about a layout and did not have a complete idea ...I do now. Thanks for sharing! I agree with others for the last layout - use some Glimmer Mist and also add a mat to the photo but I do like it as is.


great projects...luv the ticket banner and the photo mat!

Once Upon A Delight

Hopping on over from CC. Love all three projects. I scrapbook more than make cards, so I am especially partial to the layout. Sometimes you hit the perfect balance and I think that is w hat you did with this LO. it is beautiful.


Great job I love them all you do such beautiful work


such a clever use of the tickets; awesome projects. I'm a follower


what a clever idea to use the huge banner as a photo mat!!!! and the beach LO is too cute!! thanks for the inspiration

Laughing Sunshine Creations

Great job Kathy! You are amazing! <3

Brit K. Designs

Great job, Kathy! Your summer fun LO looks good as is, but you could add a little bling around one edge of the big circle and a little along the top edge of where the "Summer" hangs down from maybe. :-) Just my random thoughts.


Kathy, I love all of your projects but I especially love the banners on the last LO and the big one with the photo on it. I was thinking that a sun in the upper left corner would be the final touch you might want since it is a beach scene and what better place to be than on the beach with the sun shining down on you. (I am already a follower.)


Super projects! Love, love, love the use of a banner as a photo mat. Already am a follower.


I am now a follower. Great ideas. For the last project, I would: Upper left corner: make a blue (similar to the sky color) rectangle the same way that the white was done under the photo. Lower right corner: Continue the white down to the bottom of the page, under the twine, and to balance out the upper blue corner. : )


I kinda like the LO as is but was thinking maybe a little white border around the photo like the banners have. But thats just me, I have a hard time just putting a photo on w/o matting it. You guys are all using twine, does this mean we can expect some twine on CC?

Liz Lumsden

Great projects! I think the last one needs more attention drawn to the photo, a red frame would do it! I noticed a lot of people want you to fill the upper left corner but I think it would saturate your page . You might also want to change the yellow brad(?) on the twine to red, that would create more movement on the layout.


Love the clothes line card SO cool. My favorite though is the Summer Fun LO. I saw it and just thought it was beautiful. Then I saw your comment on changing it. I would leave it just the way it is. That's my 2 cents. : )


I love your layout with the tickets and banners. Nice work. New follower also


Great projects - I love the use of tickets for a banner! I think the summer layout should stay as is. I often think my layouts need something more but then come back to them later and decide I was better off not adding more.

Joyce S

Beautiful work Kathy! Some great banner ideas - I especially liked how you "curley-qued" the twine on the "Summer Fun" layout. I really love that layout and the only thing I could recommend would be (in order to draw the eye to the picture) to use 3D adhesive dots or squares to mount the picture to the layout to "pop" the picture to the center of attention. I am a follower!!


GREAT PROJECTS...ALL OF THEM!! :D Just beautiful!! Love all the ways you used the banners...the frame/mat being my favorite, I think!

I'm already a follower, but you knew that! ;)

As far as the LO goes...I think I'd ink up the edges of the 12x12 background with the picket fence distress ink you used in the center. The edges seem a little "plain" compared to all the fun on the rest of the LO. Love it anyway! ;)


Thanks for giving me more things to add to my Pinterest boards! I am a follower now too! As for the last layout, maybe ink the edges of your photo with the same ink you used on the flag banners under the red flower just to make the photo "pop" more? It's an awesome layout!


Kathy, you scrapbook pages are amazing! If I had to pick a favorite it would be the scrapbook page with the tickets and large banner frame, but all you projects are awesome!

monchan :)

I love the balance and color combinations of your layouts! :) Thanks for some fun ideas. For the layout, it is great, but perhaps a sunshine-yellow mat may "complete" the look and let the picture be more of the focus? :) I also how you let such a mundane but whimsical inspiration be the basis of your card. :)


Wow! These projects blow me away. Beautiful!!


I really like all your creations! Using a single photo and all the color and shapes is really catching.

Victoria S.

wow i love your card nad teh 2 layouts! def gnna PN them! for the last one i owu ssay that you dont need any more embellishments -i would just fill that empty space with a little mist or flecks of ink.. splatter effect. i also like the suggestion of inking the edges msyb with white. i was thinking just extend the white craft ink or paint a little further under the round patterned paper to balance it some
but it is gorgewous just as it is...

i am following you

Ms. Daiquiri

Great projects. Especially love the Summer Fun LO. It is so cute just the way it is.


Great projects! love the summer fun title banner! Following you too!


I love the idea of using a banner as a mat/background! Wonderful ideas!


Great projects - I am already a follower.

Jennifer J.

Love your scrapping!

Nance Leedy

Love your use of banners and COLOR! Great sb layouts too. Thank you for your sweet comment on my edgelit card! Cheers!

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