Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paper Bag Tote

I'm so excited about posting my "1st Official Step-by-Step" instruction post.   But before I share, I want to let you know about some blog candy I'll be giving away.   Since this is my  "1st Official Step-by-Step" instruction post, I will be giving away some scrappy goodies to 3 lucky people . . . to be eligible, please become a follower and leave me a comment that you did so or that you already are.  I love getting some lovin'. :)  You have till Sunday at 11:59pm Central.  I will be drawing three (3) names and posting the winners here on Monday, May 21.  And who knows, maybe I'll give an extra one (1) or two (2) blog candies for "just because". :)  I love giving away blog candy.

Today, I decided to share with you how to make a paper bag tote that I did for one of CropChocolate's NSD Challenge #6 "Wedding Colors". For this, we were to use our wedding colors or favorite colors to make an altered project and had to use 50% CropChocolate products.  I chose to use my wedding colors of maroon and black and altered a paper bag.  Here's what the final project looks like:

(my supplies)
Here's a list of what I used for my bag.
CropChocolate Products:
"Sincerely" by Trinity Paper Arts
Black & White flowers by Celebrate It
Red Stickles
Black ribbon by Jillibean
Black Soot Stain by Distress Inks
Snake Tape
 Non CropChocolate Products: 
white paper lunch bag
Maroon ribbon/silk from stash (leftover from bridesmaids' dresses and flowers
magnetic discs

Here's a "general" supply list for your own bag:

Paper sack (small one about 5" wide)
5.25" x 12" Cardstock for base and front (will be cut into 2 pieces measuring 5.25"x5 and 5.25"x7")
5"x4.75" Patterned paper for front
5"x1.75" Patterned paper for flap
3.25"x4.25" cardstock for overhang**
notecard  (approx 3"x4") for front of overhang/front attachment**
12" ribbon for handle
magnetic discs (or you can use Velcro)
Optional - Ink (distress your papers with ink of choice) You can do this at any time during construction, but I preferred to do it at the very beginning.

(1)  Trim paper bag to 5" (from the bottom of bag)

(2)  Cut cardstock for base and front into two (2) pieces measuring  5.25"x5" and 5.25"x7"

(3)  Score the 5.25"x7" cardstock at 2" from the long side and fold.  Attach the 5"x1.75" patterned paper to the folded end.n 
(4)   Make two (2) openings in the fold with craft knife and insert handle.  (Once you have ribbon poking thru, apply a little adhesive to the ends poking and press down onto the wrong side of your back base to make it easier for when you do the next step)
(5)   Attach the bag.
(6)   Adhere front patterned paper to front base and attach to other side of bag.  (the picture shows attaching the front base first, but do whichever is most comfortable for you.)
(7)   Attach one of the magnetic discs from the pair (I did the + one) to the back of the notecard**.  Then attach the notecard to the 3.25"x4.25" cardstock.**   Adhere to bag flap.
(8)  Take the other magnetic disc and let it attach itself to the back of flap. (This will not only help you position it for attaching it to the front of bag, but also make sure you adhere the magnetic disc with the correct side up . . . I didn't do this the 1st time round and my discs ended up "repelling" each other.)  Adhere a mini glue dot or any strong adhesive.  (I hope that made sense.)
(9)  Close flap and firmly press against front of bag.  Gently open and  you'll see your magnetic disc adhered to the front of bag.
(Sorry, for the sideways view . . . not sure what is happening because it's the right way up both on my camera and in my file.  So don't know why this pic out of all of them decided to turn sideways.  But I hope you get the general idea as to what happens with the magnetic disc.)

(10)  Adhere any embellishments to flap and elsewhere on the bag.  And, voila . . . you're done.
(Front view)

(Side view)

**If you don't want to use or have a note card, you can cut cardstock to whatever size you want.  I did one where I cut the cardstock for the overhang at 3.25"x3.25" and patterned paper for front attachment at 3"x3" and embellished with a 2" rosette.  It all depends on how you want your tote to look. :) **

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have as much fun as I did making this paper bag tote.  Please remember to become a follower and leave a comment (as I said before, I love getting some lovin') to be eligible for some great blog candy.  And check back Monday, May 21, to see if you are the winner. :)

Till the next time I'm "Up in the Night" - Kathy



Great instructions and lovely bag! I became a follower and your blog is great.

by belle

Kathy- I am already a follower. Love the tote!! Great instructions!!


i am a follower! liked the bag on did a great job with the instructions (which, in my opinion, are the hardest part of a project!)


i am a follower! liked the bag on did a great job with the instructions (which, in my opinion, are the hardest part of a project!)


Kathy, I'm a new follower from CC. Cute bag!! Great job on your instructions and photos to go with the steps.


Followed! :)

Cute tote! :)

Also...good luck with your DT aspirations!! :)


I became a follower yesterday when you put up your teaser on CC.

CUTE bag ~ great instructions ~ way to go!!


Hello, I'm a new follower from CC! Such a cute tutorial!! =D


Kathy, Your bag is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it on your Blog. I have signed up to follow you and look forward to getting to know you better. Good luck with getting on the design team at CC.


wow girlfriend really love your blog and love your first how 2,it awesome!!already a fan,
thank for the chance at the giveaway


Thanks for sharing your tutorial on the paper bag tote. :) Good Luck with your blog.


I'm your new follower :).


I am now following, very nice tutorial, good luck and thanks for a chance at a give away.


Your blog looks great and love the tutorial and the layout you have posted. Good job!


Hi, I am a new follower from CC. This was such a good idea, thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to more of your ideas. Thanks.


I'm follower number 30!! Great blog Kathy, I love your tutorial and I love your challenge entries that you posted. The mme lush and the ep splash are great. Thanks for sharing and for the chance at your giveaways too! :)


this is great - I'm gonna lift it for a grad party favor (on a smaller scale); nicely done tutorial


Great tutorial and blog!


I am new follower from CC and this is a great idea. thanks for the tutorial, it really helps!


That is so nice! Great blog! "See" you on CC!

Laura (blueyedmama on CC)


Very cute!


I love your blog. Great job! Congrats on making the design team a CC! I am very much looking forward to your creations. = D


I love your blog. Great job! Congrats on making the design team a CC! I am very much looking forward to your creations. = D

Char (NanCDru)

Hi Kathy! You did a great job with your tutorial! Very easy and straightforward to follow, and the end product came out really nice! Am already a follower of your beautiful blog :)

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